Monday, February 04, 2008

Monday With Mademoiselle la Renarde

Let's see this as a mini French lesson . Mademoiselle la Renarde equals Miss Vixen and here she is at a Renault garage with, what else but an orange car . Ever political c'est moi .Now if only they would see their way to using this as advertising , who knows I could get a gratis model !
Secondly ,forget Germany, the French can beat them with their signs and notices . Mind you ,I can think of a few cities where this should be displayed . It reads , 'urinating is forbidden. ' or 'dont take the p.... out of Miss V[Berlin and New Delhi take note ] Later, on the way home a wonderful evening sky highlighted what I've come to refer to as my Triffid trees. Aren't they spooky ? So from France and replete with yet more red wine this is Mademoiselle la Renarde signing off . Au revoir.

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