Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Calling all Europeans.

Not only cornflakes and fruit juice prove refreshing but , some interest in matters political .
Today I received the following link in the form of a comment ( see previous post ) To this anonymous reader I say a big thank you and yes, I've signed .

The prospect of Mr Insincerity Blair being permanent president of the EU fills me with dread , nausea and dismay. If you have the time ,read the post 'Miss Vixen Predicts' , 13 May 2007 .

Then click on the link here or listed at the right under links and ,even if you have no interest stop to consider the following :-

It's your taxes that will pay to keep this odious man and his freeloading wife in a manner you can only dream of . If that doesn't stir you ,then sorry , this means brain death has surely taken place .
So from an English lady who resides in Germany ,is currently in France , often in Denmark ,and who loves Europe ,I ask all to unite . Warmongers are not wanted . Say 'No' to Blair .

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