Monday, July 26, 2010

A Museum With a Difference .

Did you know that the city of Berlin is created from 78 Villages. As is usually the way , such places are full of fascinating places and history. Today I saw a few.Notable being Biesdorf and Mahlsdorf . Rather than write lots I'll suggest you try and go to the Gr├╝nderzeit Museum in Mahlsdorf . Here's a link .
The weekend of the 1st August there will be special celebrations with grill , drinks ,lots of items in the museum and grounds etc ...... It's easy to get to on the SBahn . Another tip is ,try the village of Biesdorf .Not far from Mahlsdorf ,it has a wonderful icecream parlour / restaurant . Situated one minute from S Bahn Biesdorf , Eiszeit it is at 194,Oberfeldstrasse . Well designed ,this place will not disappoint . Nor will the music captured on video below .

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