Friday, July 23, 2010

Classical Accordion in Berlin...

As graduates of the S Prokofiev Donetsk State Academy of Music [Ukraine] Alexander Burdyug and Andrey Fesenko are excellent musicians . Today they were in Wilmersdorfer Strasse and I was riveted. This piece ,a Csardas,was a 'special' for me .( Another present ?) Apologies for singing at the onset .Please understand that having to stand as still as possible in order to film music proves virtually impossible for yours truly and oh how I longed to dance ! I'm at a loss as to why this instrument is not taken 'seriously' in the musical world .It requires considerable talent and produces a wonderful sound .
Note ) If you go to my links and YouTube and Helena you'll find a second short video . As well as giving me the green light to use their music they suggested I put their email address should anyone out there be interested . It is :-

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