Saturday, July 10, 2010

Forget Route 66 This was Route 666 !

Yesterday was a day from hell which had me almost believing Germany had been taken over by some alien power where all in transit were affected . It began with the train from Berlin to Cologne being delayed ...then diverted and how ! Seemingly all trains were and a one hour stretch took over 3 hours . Air conditioning failed, all failed and things did get worse. At Hannover the chaos having spread ,I was advised to change trains . This entailed running in temps of 37^C only to find the door close . More running to a still open door .Inside still no air con. It limped into Cologne station many hours late .There the train for Luxembourg was also very late and minus air con . This train was to break down ! Not once but twice ... Very late indeed it crawled into Luxembourg station . More running for the small train for Petange . Boarding this I thought at last "nearly there" . NOT TO BE ... Three thugs decided they would make life hell for the conductor .In telling them to leave the train a fight broke out which lasted ages .Yes I did get pictures of it. The Police had to come ,thus the train was stopped . All had to get off and , you've guessed ,wait for another.
My arrival at Petange was very late 10-30 pm and no taxis .. The owner of a cafe not only gave me water he took me to my hotel in his car .A true Samaritan . He , his daughter and dog were lovely .Today it's my birthday .I've survived another year plus a day I'll never forget .

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