Friday, July 23, 2010

The Silly Season Down At the Doctors.

In UK summer is often referred to as 'the silly season' .That is to say the press is full of lighthearted articles. All things ridiculous are news , and why not ? It sure beats death , gloom and doom. Here's my contribution . At top left you see Acki Hoffmann who once again remembered my passion for snow domes and last night brought me this lovely little gem from Vienna . Thank you Dr H . Bottom left is a very slippery character well known in Germany --Dr Tikkle ! One minute there I was at a fountain with an American taking my photo and whoosh Dr T pounced . Bottom row middle and right you see two members of Dr Feelgood making me 'feel good' on my birthday . Top right a new fashion ... a tie worn as an accessory with a dress .This unusual item I saw in Brugge and liked for it's skull pattern . Quite effective . Then below you see two really crazy shots which illustrate the need for a camera always at the ready .
On the way back from Luxembourg my train stopped at Bullay, a station which claims to be environmentally friendly.REALLY ..what do I see by the track but a man 'watering' the grass . Aha maybe he was saving on H2O It has been very hot in Germany so how green can you get ?
As Dr F would sing a real ------"Down at The Doctors "

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