Monday, May 09, 2011

Magdeburg and the River Elbe.Two Versions

The last time I was here it was rather cold .Today however was beautiful . Clear blue skies , very warm and in spite of a strange start to the day it proved action packed and extremely colourful. This morning there was no water due to a major plumbing problem.
Easy solution --I washed my hair using a bottle of mineral water .( very effective ) Had a mini shower using a second bottle of such .Then off to the station on my bike to use their bathroom facilities .Cost 1 euro but I have to say they were so swish as to warrant every cent .My day can be seen here in this Picasa movie . From start to finish it's been a memorable Monday . By the way ,I returned home to find the plumbing sorted. German efficiency scores once more .
Magdeburg is a very beautiful and friendly city . There are many extremely old churches which are part of the history of this area and country.
The landscape is wonderful and due to the woods , wetlands and vegetation is home for so much birdlife.
The Elbe ,one of Europe's major rivers . It rises on the borders of the Czech Republic and Poland . From there it flows southwest crossing Bohemia. After which it begins it's route northwest crossing Germany. This long journey brings it to the North Sea (Cuxhaven). Connected by canals to the Baltic , Havel River ,Ruhr region and Rhine River it is navigable upstream . After the war ,and before German reunification, barge traffic was severely hindered . Then came German Reunification, and the Magdeburg Water Bridge .This ensures that barges can always reach Berlin as they don't have to enter the Elbe where frequent low water levels had often proved a hindrance.
If you plan to take a mini break in Berlin add an extra day . The trains to Magdeburg are each hour . Once there you can rent a bike , see and enjoy this small but 'spacious' gem of a city.
Now here is actual film footage .Miss V on the go so to speak .Saying 'try Germany , it's a marvellous country to visit .'

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