Sunday, May 22, 2011

Daniel Barenboim & The West Eastern Divan Orchestra .

There are people in this world who rank as truly special. Daniel Barenboim is such .
It's ten years since he and the late Edward Said had the vision and energy to create an Arab - Israeli youth orchestra. No easy task, yet these two men managed it. After Said's death in 2003 , Barenboim , who is artistic director of the Berlin State Opera, travelling guest conductor and world famous solo pianist, continues the work with this wonderful orchestra. Some workload ! The players are 40% from Arab countries, 40% from Israel and 20% European. The results superb and today a packed audience at the Berlin Philharmonie were enthralled. Having been to many concerts in my life I can honestly say, never have I witnessed such applause. Also the interaction between players and conductor could be 'felt' it was so full of joy ,respect and spirit.
We had heard a chamber orchestra work for piano , violin and 13 wind instruments by Alban Berg. Then came Beethoven's Symphony Nr 3 Eroica.
The above picture of Barenboim has a quotation of his. For none German speakers :-
'What is music ? Is music some thing that helps us to forget the world, or is music something through which we can understand the world ? For me it is both '
Daniel Barenboim Zeit -online
Then a picture of myself and a fellow music enthusiast. Here you see us by a poster advertising another concert on 21 August in the Waldb├╝hnen Berlin. Another chance to see and hear this orchestra. The programme , Beethoven's Symphonies 8 & 9.
Well worth making a note in your diary and looking for tickets.

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