Friday, May 27, 2011

Ms Vixen's Big Bang Theory

When a day starts with that 'very glad to be alive' feeling you can almost be sure it's going to be special. Maybe not a lottery win but many small much more significant things.
Today right out of the blue I was given a surprise gift by two people who happen to know I am a fan of all things lunar . It's seen here.:- one moon phase calendar. The photograph doesn't do it justice . Hand made , in Hamburg , it came in a marvellous black box and is absolutely beautiful.
Later I called at the Funkturm to ask just why the astonishing colours earlier this week. It seems that trials for colours are carried out from time to time .
The young lady there insisted on taking my photograph . So here I am somewhat wild and windswept after cycling miles around the city leaning ( not on a lamp post) but one of the Funkturm 'legs' .Much later, whilst on the phone to someone there was such a noise . It was the most sensational firework display, right 'out of the black'. This little clip is the last 1minute + So there you have it . A dip into a delightful day .

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