Thursday, June 02, 2011

Ascension Day in Berlin

Today was a religious holiday ie ) Ascension Day. More beautiful weather and a city full of people enjoying a break.So here's a little collage to show some of the events seen .
The group of gentlemen all dressed up and on the town informed me they were reclaiming their power. It seems they are of the opinion that we women have taken over . Hmm,none too certain about that but they were enjoying themselves . Last spotted boarding a BVG bus . A huge loaf had me wondering just how many bacon sarnies it could make. As one who is more than partial to this delicacy I felt hungry. The rather profound words come from inside a lovely top I purchased yesterday. Excellent 'thought for the day' material. Finally a collection of water colours painted whilst in France, framed at last .
The works are entitled 'hässlich' , which is German for ugly . Why so is another story. To round the day off a friend and I went to the best Indian restaurant in Berlin.
Then home to music including a much loved piece , 'Everything Happens To Me '.

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BlogspotUS said...

Ahhh - cool.
These 'hässliche' pictures I remember...