Saturday, June 11, 2011

Who Needs Airlines ?

Air travel is no longer the pleasure it once was, so praise be for countries with superb, efficient rail networks . A journey from Berlin Germany to France proved comfort plus , civilized , and, adventurous .The night train is excellent both in price and timing. Not to mention it's rather nice being treated as a person . On boarding I was shown my room .. see photograph and given a complimetary bottle of sekt . Showers , no restrictions on luggage and transported almost door to door .A great way to travel. Woken with a lovely breakfast it was sensational .However in my excitement to see the the first daylight glimpses of France, I locked myself out of the cabin clad only in night attire. Help was at hand from a young French man who went for the inspector to bring a duplicate key. Yes I found myself blushing.The couple in the picture are two Australian artists, Andy Townsend and Susie Bleach. They were fascinating .Trains - Planes , vivre la differance .

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