Thursday, June 16, 2011

Red Moon,Silver Moon,Let's Fly There

A bit of cheating here on my part .
Yesterday I read how Berlin was to be the best place to view the Blood Red Moon Eclipse .Fine .but where was I ? Well in the middle of France .However, last month in Berlin was pretty spectacular for red moons so I start this short film a shot of one of my shots taken.. The moon being such was every bit as beautiful and a tad elusive at times - Pure silver it rose above the trees and as I began to film you hear PomPom, a donkey (singing donkey vocals to the music of a local guitarist who was clearly lunar ) Both gave their permission to be used ...Please Note..There is a short intermission created by the clouds. Nature's own direction.
Now a little collection of shots which show the final stages ( visible) here .


Anonymous said...

Perfect picture, had no chance to watch, because heaven was full of clouds here.


miss_vixen said...

That's too bad .The odd cloud here and there drifting across is effective but solid cloud is something else .Hope you had more luck with the Summer Solstice today.

miss_vixen said...
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