Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lyon A City To Relax In Style .

it is a truth universally acknowledged that Helena Mikas is not a Francophile . However there are parts of this very large country that have an appeal and warrant comment , not to mention even a second visit. Lyon is just such a place. The city has 480,660 inhabitants. Ranked 2nd in France as an economic centre it was in 2010 rated 9th globally plus took second place in France for innovation It dates way back to pre Roman occupation times and if the museum is anything to go back it flourished under them. With the Rhone and the Saone it has a relaxed atmosphere and much in the way of fine architecture plus culture. I walked for miles and enjoyed each minute. The one sad part for me is the tower ( to be seen on this little film of shot by shot images ) Built in 1893 by a private invidual one M.Gay this construction, 80 metres high, had a viewing platform and lift where for a fee one could go. The ground floor housed a restaurant. Then in 1963 it was closed by the authorities. The reason ? To use as a TV mast . My views re this cannot be put in writing . I will however go so far as to say that now , since Lyons ranks so highly in the league for innovation , some one will authorize a mast elsewhere and restore this lovely work in honour of the man who financed it himself all those years ago. M Gay.

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