Friday, June 24, 2011

The Hitchhikers Guide .

When public transport is simply not available and the bike too much there is an alternative. Hitchhiking . Something I did a lot of when a student .Yesterday it was with sensible footwear that I set off .Error being I'd forgotton that here in France they take a midday break so the result was no traffic for what seemed an age . Still, walking was an option and my physiotherapist will be proud of what I managed .Then along came a young man in his car . He took me to just outside Evaux les Bains. Our conversation was limited but fine. Another trek took me to a bus waiting point .Only to find that there would be nearly a 50 minute wait. So it was forward march, direction anywhere. Within minutes a young lady stopped and took me to Chambon-sur-Voueize. (Population 1014.)
After viewing an exhibition of water colours it was time for a coffee then to explore the very old church of St Valerie.
On to the rivers which make this place special . My legs said 'time to go back' so it was a happy Ms V when this king of the road stopped his lorry to give me a lift to Evaux. There,yet another coffee, time for a breather and wonder of wonders a lift to Sannat.

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