Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Childhood Revisited At The Speed Of Light .

Growing up as I did in the north of England , a certain seaside resort called Blackpool was the place for a treat. With it's huge funfair, sea,sand ,fish, chips and famous tower it seemed to have the lot. Blackpool was also famous for The Illuminations .
Each year along the sea front ,known as the Golden Mile , thousands of lights were used to produce wonderful images. Trams to take you through this brave attempt at fairyland were also decked out .Blackpool was not a sophisticated town but it was fun and I loved it. As I have always loved my time here in Berlin. This fabulous city with so much to offer , lacks ultra sophistication but oh does it have a heart
It also has the Funkturm . A German 'relative' of Blackpool and Eiffel towers ,there are no prizes for guessing which I like best ? I needed an early night but was stopped by the Illuminations seen above (Full screen is the best way to view.) At 2 am filming and taking pictures kept me busy . The spectacular show of lights was too lovely to miss . When childhood is revisited it's magical . Just as I was about to finish what should appear but the moon . Waning but wonderful . Now at gone 3 am guess where I'm off to ? Or should I wait for the sunrise ?

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