Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Tulips In The Britzer Garten Berlin.

This little movie made from stills shows the real beauty and wonder which is our world. Nature. Today at Britzer Gartens in Berlin I was amazed at the visions before me . Tulips everywhere of so many varieties.(Watch for the Ice Cream Cone Tulip) Shapes, forms and colours so exquisite they took my breath away . As I sat on one of the viewing seats I couldn't help but think what perfect fabric prints these images would make,but most of all how perfect nature is . If you are in Berlin, this place is worth a visit .It's rather large ,(90 hectare) has lakes , cafes and all that goes to make a relaxing day out .I went on my bicycle but the bus number M44 or M181 will take you there.
Finally a link to all the information you could wish for on this amazing place.

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