Wednesday, December 01, 2010

World Aids day 2010

Today is World Aids Day. A day set aside to further promote awareness and educate the public . So it was I was back once more at the Galli Theatre where a very special performance of Der Troja -Trick , a play written by Johnnes Galli, concerning this theme was performed.
Written with a teenage audience in mind it concentrates on responsibility , mindfulness and self esteem. It also poses the question, "when does one say yes and when does one say no ?"
A cast of five, two men and three women put on a performance that was fun , lighthearted yet at times frightening . The temptation of drugs was highlighted as were, power, abuse, fear ,guilt and confusion ,all of which were superbly confronted. Before and after the show I had the pleasure of meeting former model Waridi Schrobsdorff . She is now engaged in work with the group 'imagine'ev (no more fear.)
If you are interested or wish to support their work please go to the website and get more information. As Waridi says "Aids is a worldwide theme , we cant ignore it "
She cares , do you ?

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