Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Solstice ..Happy Holiday

Pictured above you see Wittenau Church photographed today at 5pm from the bus stop where I stood feeling more akin to a 'frozen monkey ' . Yet somehow the illuminated church seemed to give off warmth .
The drink you see is a 'special' night cap which goes under the name of 'JJ's Raiser' . If like me you have low blood pressure , you can easily faint or black out .... not very nice . Thus when a pharmacist told me about the terrific beneficial properties of Sekt as a bedtime tipple I was eager to try . Make a Bucks Fizz ie ) sekt + orange juice and for extra power with health benefits add some pomegranate seeds . Result ..... fabulous ! One sleeps well ,wakes bright eyed and with a normal bp . Good medicine . Enjoy the Winter Solstice and don't forget ... it's GOD day .
Finally here's a short video shot in the early hours on my snowy balcony in the bitter cold .Worth every shiver :-

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