Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Very White Christmas

This was no dream it was reality , but a rather lovely one . The afternoon was spent walking and filming around Lietzensee which looked so beautiful blanketed in white .
Then later off to an evening of musical fun at the Gendarmenmarkt. It was bitterly cold but the crowds were there and so were the performers .Trio Scho ,(bass , accordion and violin) were fantastic as were DIE ARTISTOKRATEN a group who juggled , walked high wire and braved the icy weather in next to nothing . Finally we had Acki Hoffmann and friends who ,true to form were brilliant . How any of these musicians managed to play defeats me . With leather gloves my hands were like ice . They had none ... I kept imagining their breath would actually freeze ....Showmanship . There should be captions with each picture but some how my photo editor is playing games . Apologies . A video with Tri Scho follows :-

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