Thursday, December 09, 2010

Ms Vix and her Fix .

At the end of September all sugar was cut from my diet for medical reasons .To be honest I haven't missed it except in this form . Rosinen Schnecken ,my favourite pastry . In Neue Kant Strasse there is a sensational French Bakery known as Aux Delices Normands GmbH. Their rolls, quiche , cakes and pastries are the best in Berlin, as indeed is the coffee. Whilst partaking of which I spotted my once upon a time 'fix' favourites .How the taste buds tingled and what will power it took to say "no" to that inner self which tried to coax me to have but one . Look at all those raisins . Try Aux Delices Normands , the owner has three such places in the city. As for me ,I still get to enjoy their savouries. Not all is lost .
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