Monday, November 29, 2010

Ballyduff in Berlin .

If you ever go across the sea to Ireland and believe me it's worth it,there's a little spot called Ballyduff in Waterford.[not just crystal you see] Ballyduff has a brilliant drama group and last week , thanks to the tireless efforts of Geraldine Canning they visited Berlin where as well as appearing in German schools they gave a performance at the Galli theatre of a superb piece entitled UNDER BARE BEN BULBEN. Geraldine Canning ,who you can see at the end of the short video clip,also works in Education and how she fits all this together remains a mystery to me .Full marks.
The youngest actor was 12 --- the eldest mid twenties.
For Ballyduff Drama group read :-enthusiasm, engagement , commitment plus professionalism. It's my belief that,if only more funding were found for the arts our world would be a much better place . Consider the irony :-
We reward bankers ,politicians etc [they of the fat salary,expense accounts]for lies. Those involved with the arts work for a pittance , bring us pleasure not to mention a lot of joy. What a strange world this has become ,or was it always so ?

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