Thursday, November 18, 2010

Berlin ... A City Of Angels

Along with Los Angeles , Bangkok and Angels Camp in California, I nominate Berlin as a City Of Angels . You may wonder why, since the name Berlin has no correlation with Angels . It is however home to many who watch out for one another and in so doing make life that much nicer , whilst at the same time illustrating that all the media hype about the evils of mankind is not exactly true . Control of society is most effectively achieved via fear and the press and politicians come close to doing achieving it .Yet along the way there are angels who prove otherwise . Above is the lady who found that very black bag and all it's contents and handed it in after trying to deliver it to me in person . Today it was wonderful to meet her and say my very special thank you . She was/ is my angel . I it seems am the angel of the amazing lady from yesterday .
It's said that "good news doesn't sell copy" .What a shame for if it did there would be less depression ,anxiety and mistrust . So here's my small contribution to this weeks good news .

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