Sunday, November 21, 2010

GalliTheatre Berlin

Having lived in Berlin for 23 years means nothing . One is constantly discovering another 'jewel' hidden away within this most fantastic of cities .
Tonight it was the Galli Theatre at Oranienburgerstrasse 32 , 10117 Berlin/Mitte The expression ,'small is beautiful' being oh so apt .
Tonight's piece was a comedy entitled ,MÄNNER SCHLUSS VERKAUF . Not only did it have the audience in stitches but joining in with the music .
Two brilliant actresses gave their all , plus much more, as they portrayed one Gisela Mang , a lady desperate to find her Mr Right and a psychologist Frau Möbenbach who , with her very special methods attempted to show Gisela the futility of her quest as no matter how far one went back in history , the Mr Rights were all too often Mr Wrongs !
The lightening change of costumes and props were brilliantly executed and every xx in the audience nodded as she brought to mind a past xy . Not only does Galli theatre have a wonderful programme ,it also uses the stage for and with the public . Each week one can go and learn acting methods and body language skills . Marion Martinez is sending me some photographs which I will be adding to this post ASAP . For now you have two shots showing the outside in what is a delightful courtyard and inside with a stage built for action.
NB) even if you don't speak German , a visit here is fun not to mention further proof that Germany is a country with humour.

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