Monday, November 01, 2010



It may be November and yes, we've changed the clocks ..but Indian Summers are a part of life here as well as other countries. This is my wasp alert to all .
Berlin has had lots of sun this last week .Ideal for drying washing on the balcony .
WASPS however found an ideal use for my laundry . It was their 'hotel'. Thus when I went to pick it all up and bring indoors I never saw them but oh did I feel !
Two very large wasps attacked my right hand main finger. Like squatters they were angry at the threatened 'eviction' .
Stings are extremely painful, potentially dangerous and can cause infection depending on where else the insect has been .
After emergency treatment I'm still on cortisone and antibiotics . The swelling , redness and pain are nasty and extreme.
So here's my advice .. if you too have good weather and go to bring washing in, do wear thick gloves and shake all items very well . Make sure you have some antihistamine tablets for emergency cover until you see a Doctor .

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