Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pick Yourself Up Dust Yourself Down .

Last week closed on a low . Whilst riding my bike in high winds a bag was blown off the back and even though I lost no time turning round to get it , it was gone and searching drew blanks .
The bag contained 1 Panasonic Lumix Camera ( mine ) ,2 new books from Amazon .Co .UK( mine ) , post and bank details ( mine ) ,personal data ( mine )
Has it been handed in ? Sadly ,no . In monetary terms I've lost approx 500 euro .The data is another matter .Police have all details as do the banks . Fair to say this incident has knocked me for six and left me feeling somewhat vulnerable .
So today I forced myself to go out and went to Yorckschlösschen where Acki Hoffmann and Friends were playing . A lovely snow dome from Ephesus was given to me by Acki ( top left )
The rest of the band you see around .My snow dome is also to be seen as is photo of myself taken prior to leaving my place .As my wonderful Lumix has been found and kept I had to use my very old , very cheap camera ... No videos worthy of the word .Monday am off to purchase another Lumix . Music was a great medicine as was the thoughtfulness of Acki Hoffmann .
Perfect timing which enabled me to pick myself up, dust myself down , ready to start all over again .

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