Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Very Plain , Plane Stupid.

Those back to the middle ages British activists at Plane Stupid— A group set on bringing down the aviation industry is so delighted with the Volcanic ash incident that they very STUPIDLY say:—“huge swathes of people across the country are being treated to a taster of a much better quality of life.” minus “constant drone of aircraft overhead”
What a load of rot these appropriately named group jabber !
As extreme as any fundamentalist religious group they are not happy in the present. Thus like some crazed Luddites they seek to smash what is good. Are they aware of the knock on effect on post, parts for industry etc , foodstuffs. Seemingly not, as they sit in candlelight by their spinning wheels. Like blazes they do.Their talk is as much hot air as that from the Icelandic Volcano. By the way, where I wonder ,was HRH Prince Charles [ he of carbon footprint belief] at the recent state funeral in Poland ? Was Euro Star and connecting train too mundane for him ? Or merely a question of too much time out of his pleasurable pursuits ? Jets are so quick and well,when one is HRH, one's carbon footprint is errrr different .

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