Friday, April 23, 2010

Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ10

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Helena's Song
Here I go again ,I hear the shutters clicking now, All a doooo da ,Taking a chance once more.
Here I tear my hair and wonder where oh where oh where ,are the movies ,shot tonight
Now if you think that I am a loony , Then maybe you'd be right ,
For this the latest Lumix ... has me up so late at night.
So here I go again , I hear the shutters clicking now , All a doooo da . Taking a chance one more .

The above should be sung to the tune of Taking A Chance On Love .
You see, I have a passion for Panasonic but boy it's one tricky love affair . Here are a few shots . Way too big and no idea how to downsize as Windows cant do it. Plus.
The mini movies made have appeared as Adobe on my laptop and will not open with anything . Tonight's mystery will be tomorrows challenge .

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