Sunday, April 18, 2010

Steak, Jazz and F Born is back at The Yorkschlösschen

Today has been a pretty good day all round . After a lazy start off to the Yorkschlösschen to enjoy lunch plus four hours of Acki Hoffmann and Friends.

What a wonderful surprise to see Fritz Born ,their regular drummer arrive and play several pieces. After being ill this guy is bouncing back with his great smile and talent to match .In his absence 'Cookie' Sagel has played ,so today was a double whammy .. two greats ! In the collage you see the group and Cookie doing vocals whilst Fritz plays drums . Later he's back on drums .The hours flew by but not before there was a special to be played for guess who ? Clue .. You Are My Sunshine .With sunshine out of doors and inside it was amost a 'heatwave .'

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