Saturday, April 17, 2010

Before and After



The little red apple like object on my side table was bought last week .With a smiley face it could be gripped and twisted into any shape creating a variety of expressions ! Sales pitch informed me that not only did it strengthen hand muscles but relieved stress. As you know there has been rather too much of this in my life of late so I decided it was a must have . Sure enough it proved fun until yesterday when, on giving it an extra hard squeeze it burst, covering me , my notebook , clothes , sofa , carpet with a strange white substance .The quantity was astonishing .Reader it took me over an hour to clear up , change clothes , have a shower and of course rescue my notebook . [Praise be here for Bobbie Brown make up brushes.] As for stress ? .... Sky high. My advice to any who see these items and feel tempted ---- BEWARE. They may be small but the contents go a very long way .
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