Saturday, April 03, 2010

From Schimmel Palace to Junkyard

At the unearthly hour of 7:30 am removal men were ringing my bell .

Thus began a day best described as HELL . Oh the efficiency was astonishing ,and one could but marvel at their strength . Yet my mind was too muzzy and confused to keep track of things . On closing the door ,I caught a bus to my new abode . Thank heavens a friend met me at this new address . What a support she was .

Some one once said ,"if you have one true friend , then you have more than your share " .So yes , I'm fortunate .Men kept bringing in boxes which I no longer had a clue about . A part of my sofa is AWOL and the washing machine has decided to become incontinent !

Ideal homes is not my scene but this is how things are at 22.39 Easter Saturday night . Its pretty terrible , overwhelming and a trip up trap at each and every turn .

The metamorphosis will take a while . Meanwhile as another friend has pointed out --- enjoy sleeping in a schimmel free new apartment . After getting up at 6am today I could sleep on a washing line ! Also revel in the new view , which , if you look at the collage you'll see.

Happy Easter to all . No eggs for me .Merely cartons and more of the same .

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