Sunday, April 25, 2010

From Boogie Crash to The Sunny Side of The Street.

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It is a fact universally acknowledged that even with the greatest ,things can go wrong . Secondly,that Helena Mikas is never minus a camera.Last year at Kleine Weltlaterne Otto Hamborg had given us an evening of sensational music. Then with the final piece his exuberance took over.His hand caught a huge picture - this fell and both the guitarist plus Otto were well and truly , smashed by it. Fortunately it wasn't heavy ,nobody was hurt,though shaken if not stirred. Only later did I realize I'd captured the moment ! Otto was given a copy of this 'magic' event,he liked it . His wife made a DVD of it called Boogie Crash . They gave me a copy and last night said to put on YouTube and share the moment .So here you see two videos .One with my old cheap cam and the second with my new. What you do hear is great music , people and talent. Last night Otto said he found this DVD more fun than one with ten numbers .Thanks Otto for giving me the green light . Thanks also to the other musicians. And a very special 'well done' to Musuem Flux for a marvellous evening .It was memorable .

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