Saturday, March 10, 2012

ITB Berlin Day 1 For The Public

Well was it worth visiting ? Yes for sure. Did I see everything ? No way .With so many countries present just too much in a day.
It was simply wonderful and great to see how much Germany is doing to promote all it has to offer in tourism .
Britain and Ireland were excellent, though I have to say how surprised I was that there was no mention of the Olympic games and The Queen's Diamond Jubilee.
Wandering with certain countries as 'must sees' was my solution and it worked. Tomorrow is the closing day , so a last chance for any one reading this to go and see, savour and sip the best of many destinations. Confession, I sipped quite a lot .
*the music track for this film is a little short but :- .a) sunny is asscociated with holidays and Sunnyside Of The Street is a favourite number of mine. So no apologies .Merely one word - ENJOY

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