Monday, November 26, 2007

Blake's Jerusalem -- Not in Mole Valley !

All who know me are aware that I’m a pacifist. War and combat are not my scene. However,living as I do in the real world, I’m aware that there is a long way to go until we reach a state of global peace . Until such time casualties are a part of daily life and deserve the best in the way of treatment and rehabilitation . Imagine my disgust there fore when on Saturday I read the following .

On 13th November at Leatherhead Sports Centre Swimming Pool a woman in her 30’s complained that the use of a lane by amputee service men from the nearby Rehabilitation Centre was too much for her as:-
a) they were unpleasant to look at for her and her children,
b) were being allowed the use of the pool free of charge.

Was this grotesque piece of female viciousness asked to remove herself ? No, the men in question were . What superficial standards have taken over in Britain !
If the complainant is so easily upset let me say to her .
Best you remain indoors for the rest of your life with silly magazines and DVD’s of glossy stars . Plus who knows, some may find you not so attractive . Finally never forget the following truth , that is , if you have intellect enough to comprehend it ..
‘ I felt sorry for my self because I had no shoes until I met a man with no feet ‘
Meanwhile I have emailed Leatherhead Sports Centre to express my dismay at their lack of support to those already demoralized . If you can take the time , please do like wise .
Once humanity is lost all is lost..

Footnote ..
Today I received a reply directing me to a full council statement on this issue .
In it they state the following :-
“as we live in a democracy that encourages freedom of speech, we cannot legislate against what particular individuals say “
Really ? I thought all defamatory remarks directed against the appearance of others were illegal . Or is that only for colour ? I think not . I have written back and will continue to do so until they actually admit being wrong . Please join me .


Anonymous said...

Well said Miss V, I have already given them a full broadside and am awaiting a reply from them. Dr M

miss_vixen said...

Well done Dr M . Don't let's let these people do such. I have had more from them today !!! They are aware of your's truly lol