Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Jazz Cook's Take Six Soup.

From time to time I receive very interesting recipes or tips . One of these came from a reader who is best known as the Jazz Cook . This guy, loves improvisation to produce offerings which are not only sumptuous but,I quote , ' blow your socks off '.
This is his basic "Take Six Soup."

4 Carrots peeled /roughly chopped .
2 med onions , peeled /roughly chopped.
piece of celeriac , peeled /roughly chopped.
2 or 3 cloves garlic . peeled /roughly chopped
1 to 2 inch piece of ginger . peeled /roughly chopped.
1/3 of a coconut chopped and with fine brown skin removed .
Coconut juice.

Seasoning :-
pepper / coriander dried or *fresh /
Optional extras .....
fresh cream / milk

Throw all the ingredients into a large pan . Add a pint of veg stock [homemade or a cube ] Bring to boil and simmer for about 30 minutes.Until all veg are soft .
Then carefully tip into blender and whizz the lot .* if using fresh coriander add now . I used the dried therefore added during cooking time. Depending on how thick you like your soup add fluid to adjust.
If you wish, return the lot to the pan and little cream or milk and swirl as you heat through .
Served with crusty bread it's delicious .The warmth of the ginger and richness of the coconut is heavenly . It blew more than my socks off.Try,you'll enjoy.No skills needed . Simply a love of tasty food and a healthy appetite
As Jazz Cook pointed out.. "anything goes , improvise ,incorporate."
eg) celeriac can be replaced with squash etc etc .


Anonymous said...

miss vixen this is like you say GFGSGT tried it and it was XXXXXXXXX more more more

miss_vixen said...

You mean soup/ recipes/ or GS ?
Seriously , glad you enjoyed

Linda in Canada said...

Thanks Helena.Used to read you on blogging beirut.Loved the soup. Quick spicy and satisfying .

miss_vixen said...

Glad you liked it . Blogging Beirut eh ... a small world !