Friday, March 07, 2008

Pride Comes Before A Fall-

Ok I didn't fall ,as the bed was there , and better laughter than tears . [no point in messing the mascara] But wow, did I feel as if my head would fall off ! Reason ?

As an iPod greenhorn I really believed I'd cracked it . Having cancelled a jaunt to Leipzig I decided to rip lots of new Cd's . Only to discover right at the end that somehow ,the entire contents of my iTunes library has reversed itself . By this I mean that track one of any CD is now played last . Get the horror picture ? How this has happened I simply don't know .What to do next ------ wait for someone who really knows how to untangle my techno string .[ mind you having said that I do have a nasty feeling this is something to do with an hour + of Apple support ]
Still, mess or not ,it was fun surrounded by 2 laptops , 2 phones , 2 cameras , external drives , Cd's and when not talking on air ,listening to the rte lyric fm concert . Hmm maybe they have an ipod download .... On second thoughts NO .
No Master's degree for this geekette . Merely ,Miss Vixen's in chaos.

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