Monday, March 31, 2008

The Orange Campaign is taking a strange and almost magical turn . Yesterday I was given two lovely gifts in this colour .Small , bright and practical . Then today as I rode along on my bicycle two balloons tied together , drifted from the sunny skies right in front of me . One was yellow the other , yes , orange .I tied them to the basket and later gave to a small child . This afternoon there was a demonstration at the Chinese Embassy . Well attended , it was peaceful .The good news is leaders of four countries have said no to the opening ceremony .
Germany , Estonia , Poland and Czech Republic. Well done I say . At least a handful aren't afraid of bully boy China . What a pity Britain lacks backbone . Mr Brown you are becoming a Tony clone ... careful ........All the armbands are distributed but my Tibetan contact in exile is sending more .Hope you find the video interesting . Made using my mobile phone .

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