Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Footwear For A Pixie Geekette.

Those who know me , be it in person or via this blog will know my passion for boots and shoes. The former in particular . Indeed it's difficult ,off the top of my head, to say just how many pairs I own .

One reason boots are a favourite is because of my feet. Extremely slender and quite small this results in nightmare difficulties when buying shoes . Leather must be very soft . Length is fine but the width of 85% of all shoes on my pixie tootsies is such that footwear simply slips off when I walk . One reason why boots are ideal, as they stay put around one's leg and sometimes knee ! However there are times one needs a simple and practical shoe. Thus it was with delight I found this pair of truly geekettish yet pixie shoes . Sensually soft, they stay put , fulfill a criteria, yet still flatter the foot.
It's actually quite nice being a pixie Vixen. As they say,' small is beautiful '.


Anonymous said...

With such fantastic legs Miss Vixen, no wonder you like your boots so much.
The Huntsman

miss_vixen said...

never mind my legs .... what about my lovely shoes ?? Fabulous eh ..

Lucy said...

classy looking shoes