Friday, March 14, 2008

Orange, Orange,Who Wants An Orange ?

Last summer I was upset when I lost my little Tibetan armband which meant a lot to me . However, if you read this blog you'll know that a replacement was sent as a gift from Norbulingka Institute. The sender and I have kept contact . Now fast forward to this year and Orange Campaign, also [ link, Art in defence of humanism ] .I had the idea of little armbands in orange . On writing to my 'Tibetan sister' she thought so too and made me a hundred as gift . In today's post arrived a lovely little cloth bag . Like a pillow ,carefully sewn , and secured with sealing wax ,it was almost too wonderful to open .Here you see them on a swatch . I also received an email from her with this information :-

'The Freedom Bracelet was first made by Tibetan political prisoners near Lhasa to symbolise freedom. These bracelets were originally woven from whatever bits of thread available in the prisons. These bracelets are worn in solidarity as an expression of endurance and defiance against the Communist Chinese oppression.'
If you are interested in having one to show your support , contact me here.

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