Wednesday, March 26, 2008

If You Dont Believe Me Check Out Google.

I'm getting rather tired of hearing cowardly, money minded politicians stating how ineffectual a boycott of the Olympics in China would be. We can learn from history so I ask you :-
Please go to Google search and type in the words :-
South African apartheid sport .
There you'll see numerous entries which illustrate how long a sports boycott [including zero Olympic participation] was enforced . Plus praise for the contribution this made in ending a diabolical situation .
So why the double standards now ? Greed , fear , big business ,to name but three. Note, Gordon Brown recently launched a project to increase trade and investment with China . No wonder he's now nervous about meeting the Dalai Lama in May . Then we have foreign secretary Miliband. Britain's man of understatement .His feeble contribution being :-
"I don't believe a boycott of the Olympics is the right thing to do ... A wrecked Olympics is actually not going to do anything for human rights in China."
Err and what about Tibet Mr Miliband ?
Finally the Foreign Office tops it all by informing us that the situation re human rights in China remains ' poor.' Clearly they had the same English teacher as Understatement Miliband.
How many will have the courage to at least boycott the opening ceremony remains to be seen. Few I imagine .
Here are the dates for the torch ... If you are near to any ,you can show your contempt . Take pictures too .Send to
This is history in the making . Are you active or apathetic ?
The Olympic torch is going to a lot of places around the world: Almaty April 2., Istanbul April 3., St. Petersburg April 5., London April 6., Paris april 7., San Francisco April 9., Buenos Aires April 11., Dar es Salaam April 13., Muscat April 14., Islamabad April 16., and New Delhi April 17.
Let's end with more words from HH the Dalai Lama,
"Each individual has the ability to make a difference "

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