Thursday, March 06, 2008

Negatives and Positives .

Whilst in France ,my laptop had problems with wlan. Back in Berlin most was sorted, but, still left hot spot functionality to test . Hence today's visit to Helva Cafe Bar . Savigny Platz 589, Berlin. This place is brilliant . Built under the bridge and rail arches the decor is beautiful. Comfort and service are keywords. Plus free wifi connection with sockets for your adaptors, so no fears of battery capacity failing . The menu is small yet excellent. My laptop 'negative' had resulted in my finding this place .. A positive .
Some may say , careful ,you'll get chubby frequenting such places . No worries . The BVG strike [ another negative] continues . Cycling is the solution , so let them strike . It's turning into one heck of a work out .Another postive .
By the way this is a sort of trinity hot spot .Helva Cafe ,Civan hairdresser ,and Amorph Fashion Store are linked, due to the use of the inherited bridge architecture . Thus one can shop, go for a hair cut and finally have a meal and drink. All with one walk through . Unlike a ghastly shopping mall , here there is day light at all times .

If you are Berlin based and unaware of Helva .. try it . Should you be planning a trip to Berlin make Savigny Platz a must do .All the eateries around here are fabulous and Helva a real must do.

* Helva is upholding the no smoking rule. Yet another star rating .

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