Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I Don't Believe It !

No this is not a take on that TV character Victor Meldrew.
After a weekend of very high winds and pelting rain, only yesterday gave some respite ,today has capped it all. It began with a bitterly cold whirlwind and then came snow flakes in all directions. Within two minutes of the first flakes, the above picture was taken from my bedroom window .So once again , no bicycle, out with the fur coat and yes the boots . [My big regret is leaving a fabulous pair of riding boot wellies back in France.] Imagine therefore my joy when out came the sun , and the pavements were partially cleared . Off to the bus stop , side roads not being a very safe option for the bike. Then after 20 minutes an extremely cold Miss V realized something was amiss .. BVG STRIKE . Set to last until March 14 this will mean very few buses and no UBahns . Sitting was the only way I could begin to defrost my feet. Then home for a coffee and total defrost.After which ,it's out with the bicycle come what may .
Hmmmm to those who love wind , snow and rain I say enjoy . Cold is no problem . There are after all , so many interesting ways of keeping warm .


Anonymous said...

What a phot Miss Vixen, you look sensational!
The Huntsman

miss_vixen said...

Well thx but more frozen I reckon . Twas verrrrrrrrry cold

Anonymous said...

Maybe cold outside Miss Vixen but you look hot hot hot!
The Huntsman