Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Weekend in Metz and Strasbourg

Last weekend I went to Metz and Strasbourg . Two cities which are French yet both have a German history and influence. The journey was pleasant and we soon reached Metz, a truly delightful place with great flair and atmosphere . On Saturday after a light breakfast off to the newly opened Pompidou Centre -- an astonishing structure housing much to experience. Metz is best described as a tiny French jewel set in a band of German gold . Take my word for it that a holiday here [however small] will never disappoint . On Sunday on to Strasbourg . It's some time since my last visit but this city is timeless. Steeped in history ,culture and style the links with Germany are very strong. It's beautiful and impressive. Should the weekly lottery ticket prove successful Strasbourg would be my ideal second home. The small movie made from stills gives you some idea and who knows it may tempt you to make a long weekend. Real video later . watch this space !

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