Saturday, June 05, 2010

Picnic in Preußisches Park Wilmersdorf Berlin

On a hot summers day should you want to escape the city ,but haven't the time to travel far , then Preußiches Park in Wilmersdorf is just the spot. With it's 55,000qm , there is more than enough room for a flea market, large cafe .walk ways, , areas for sport and relaxation. Plus the Asian community of the city have made it a meeting point . Here they play badminton , cards , give massage , talk , and socialize . So should you ,with closed eyes, lean back and listen , you could be absolutely any where but a huge German city . Two really good pals ( seen here ) D & D ,telephoned and asked me to join them there . Joined later by three more ,one a former duck egg farmer in Thailand --- we ate our fill of some very unusual and delicious food . What struck me was how there were so many people , yet it didn't feel crowded and how friendly everybody was . A lesson there for all politicians .Leave people to enjoy their lives and peace is the reward. [By the way that's not Ms V attacking D . We are following orders of the other D who wanted such a mad shot ]

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