Thursday, June 17, 2010

Miss Vixen's Bike Gets It's Own Tattoo

Bike riding is very popular in Berlin and a much used mode of travel . Sadly cycle theft has become all too popular . Hence the Berlin Police have created many programmes to advise the public , deter thieves and aid tracing of stolen bikes . This week they are at various locations through out the city .Today it was Charlottenburg Station . From 12:00 noon to 18:00 hours they worked by coding bikes and , all for free. You simply turned up with passport or ID card , a service bill with your address and the bill for the cycle . I had shredded mine but was 'accepted' ... They had me for honest ! To see the queue was a strange sight. Other than supermarket checkouts,it's not a daily occurrence in this country .


zxThaiTrixz said...

do you want along with his participation in the program to protect the earth?
This problem is very big problem to many people participate and help to make it.
Your acne you will join and support their best
together to protect the earth loved you right now

miss_vixen said...

Thanks but am not quite sure what your point is .WE are against bike theft .... as for acne ..err have none -----