Thursday, June 24, 2010

Berlin - London - Berlin

On Tuesday I flew to London with BA . The weather was fabulous as indeed was the city . Suffice to say it was my best visit ever in the capital . This collage is made up of shots showing some of the lovely architecture , food , and , of course the red white and blue much in evidence . On Wednesday it was fun watching the world cup on screen at Heathrow Terminal 5.
Once in flight the BA crew were good enough to find out the progress of the German game .At that stage 0-0 .We landed and cleared entry in time to go to the main hall where another screen kept all happy with the second half . A win to Germany and time for home .The big wheel of the Deutsche Französiche Volkesfest plus a full moon saying welcome back .
It felt good , very good indeed.
My eating out tips for London :-
For a delightful lunch try Orrery Epicerie at 55 ,Marylebone High Street tel 02076168000.
You can see two examples of their excellent food .
At night why not try Savoir Faire at 42 New Oxford Street .The Can Can Dancer represents this superb restaurant .tel 02074360707

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