Sunday, June 06, 2010

Question - Where is Blair ?

Where I wonder is a certain Mr Tony Blair ? He who couldn't wait to invade Iraq on trumped up charges over non existent weapons. He who delivered slick oily speeches informing one and all of his desire for freedom , democracy etc. How odd therefore, the same Blair ( Bliar ) take your pick of handle , as Peace Envoy for the Middle East ,is now ,silent as the graves created by his bombs on Iraq .
Israel openly and, in international waters ,commits more aggressive actions against humanitarian aid ships .Nine aid workers are killed , others injured and even more taken away by armed forces .The world is outraged .This is not 'hearsay' , this is seen and on record. Yet as ever the Israelis lie and are unrepentant. The world ,especially Germany dare not forget history , yet Israel is selective as it seeks to employ methods and tactics all too close to those used in Warsaw Poland during World War 2 . The UN,terrified of standing up to this nation of bullies is impotent and does nothing .Deja Vu the League Of Nations .
I'm proud to see that many British public took to the streets to voice their opinion and that the British government has promised nineteen million pounds in aid to Gaza . These people deserve it for their suffering is terrible .
I can but reiterate how disgusting that a race once horribly persecuted by the Nazis ,now dishes out the same barbaric, inhuman treatment to Palestinians whilst the world stands by .They did it in Lebanon . Israeli war crimes are way too many .
Footnote :- remove Blair from this post .It's a farce .

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