Monday, June 07, 2010

Helen Thomas . Punished for An Opinion .

Why should Helen Thomas resign over voicing her opinion( when asked mark you ) over the recent Israeli attacks and just why isn't her apology enough ?
See what I mean re Israel . They are always the aggrieved party , ( or so they believe ) ,never the aggressor . What a joke .
I don't see them saying sorry or backing down over the nine aid workers killed .
Nor are they allowing basic essential goods to be imported into Gaza .
Indeed they are ruthless and deny another people the right to life . Deja vu the Warsaw ghetto ?
It is a war crime to starve others out yet guess what , seemingly OK if it's Israel doing it . Shame on them . Helen you have said sorry and let that be .
To the Rabi who believes you should know your history, I say he too should know the commandments , especially :-
thou shalt not kill , thou shall not steal , thou shall not covet thy neighbours house , thou shall not bear false witness .........
It seems the Israeli faction will use anything as a smoke screen to shield their disgusting behaviour in Gaza and in International waters .


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