Tuesday, November 01, 2011

A Load Of Taramasalata

It's really unbelievable but sadly true . The world stands on the brink of a very real financial crisis and for what ?
For a country with little to offer save seasonal tourism and Taramasalata. Greece. I for one would like to know just how much money and debt write offs they expect from a Europe desperate to keep a rather worthless common currency . Let the Greeks go back to their zero tax paying , early retrirement ,their Taramasalata. and the Drachma but at their own expense .
The constant comparison of Europe to the USA and it's many states one currency is a false one. They are but one nation with one central government.
Pouring money into Greece is akin to burning money. Not only is it coming at our expense but it will precipate a 3rd financial crash . When this happens ,don't believe your mortgages and debts will be written off Greek fashion . Indeed nobody will even give you a cheap tub of out of date Taramasalata.

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