Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So Nice To Come Home To

Yesterday I called in 'The House Of A 100 Beers for my lunch' . Half a roast duck plus veg and dumplings . Choosing what to drink was a problem for one who isn't a real fan of beer. Then I spottted an English Stout made with Oatmeal and it sounded so good I decided to fly the flag and bring out my English side with pride. A fantastic choice. Dark as can be with a ruby red rim it had a head on it which was beautiful. Almost too good to drink . Then followed an idea .. Buy some ,take home , combine with very ripe bananas to make the ultimate in a smoothie . It was made and left to chill in the fridge .What a night cap to come home to ! It brought to mind two songs one of which was sung at the Jazz Club I'd been to . ie The Man I Love and You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To .
The man is Samuel Smith who was responsible for this incredible stout and yes, it was excellent to come home to.

note ) serious beer drinkers , especially Guinness fans may say 'The Lady is A Tramp' for such sacrilege.
I make no apologies

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