Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy New Year .

Some of you may think I've got dates mixed , but that isn't so . Today being the first Sunday in Advent marks the New Church Year . What celebrations and what a joy Advent can be . This Sunday just one candle on the Advent wreath was lit . Next Sunday , two and so on until the fourth . Later off to the Christmas Market at the Ged├Ąchtnis Church and Europa Centre .It was full but not unpleasantly so. The atmosphere was terrific as was the gluhwein. Among my finds was a shop specializing in Snow domes .Talk about seventh heaven .If you've never experienced a real German Christmas Market then do try it .Well worth a fun weekend and take home some unusual presents .The short video is made up of stills . *There are numerous markets in Berlin. Each is unique and worth seeing . Every German city offers such with colour, fun, spices, food and so much more ..... So whether it be Hamburg ,Munich, Cologne , Leipzig, Berlin ,Dresden or Hamburg ( to name but a few ),you can't go wrong.
*Berlin has 60 Christmas Markets this year .Imagine how many litres of gluhwein and kilometres of sausage that will be .

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